HOTEL DORADO IBIZA SUITES | Floorspace: 1500 m2  |  Location: Ibiza  |  Year: 2016  |  Photography: Adam Johnston

A boutique hotel with fourteen suites inspired by the great classics of rock music. Cool and surprisingly carefree: a place where music and relaxation come together. Dorado is the result of the already renowned Hotel Dorado Ibiza Suites. This is a new hotel that upholds the same initial inspiration but re-adapted and enhanced to amaze guests once again.

Michele Corbani and Andrea Spada, at the helm of the ILMIODESIGN architecture and interior studio, carried out the conceptualisation and creative direction of the amazing Hotel Dorado Ibiza Suites. In this second instalment of the Santos Hotels saga, the design managers followed guidelines already used in the previous project to give visual continuity.

The jaw-dropping façade, made entirely from real cymbals that climb up the wall, perfectly describes the philosophy of this hotel, but this is only the beginning of a journey into the great rock music classics of all time.