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SASTRERIA JF PRATS MADRID | Floorspace: 250 m2  |  Location: Madrid  |  Year: 2019  |  Photography: Uxio Da Vila

A traditional trade reinterpreted for the 2020s.
Never before has a project been as tailored as this one. This is the new workspace of the outstanding tailor Joaquín Fernández Prats. For this project, Ilmio wanted to reinterpret the craftsmanship of this long-established trade in a modern space, retaining the original proportions and essence but with a more contemporary look and feel, adapted to our times. On this occasion, Ilmiodesign developed the creative concept based on classicism, in the purest British style, but adding its characteristic eclectic touch, full of colour and clout. This fascinating fusion is noted, for example, in the combination of the design of the furniture and mouldings, which reflect a classic Victorian style, and the colours of the walls and rugs, which mark out a vibrant and contemporary space.