ARROGANTE MADRID | Superficie: 400 m2  |  Situación: Madrid  |  Año: 2022  |  Fotografia: Jose Salto

As such is ARROGANTE, the restaurant with italian circus and are comedy-inspired decoration. Suggestive, intimate, romantic... Arrogante restaurant with interior design by Ilmiodesign opens its doors in Madrid's Barrio de Salamanca. Pure theatre. Art Comedy, the circus and the Italian carnival are just some of the elements that inspired the original interior design of the new Italian restaurant Arrogante. Located in the heart of Madrid's Salamanca district, the venue incorporates clues from the Renaissance era that merge with elements of carnival traditions, mime or acrobatic skills.

Elegant and nostalgic, the space aims to transport the diner to a world of entertainment with velvet curtains, red colours, mirrors and careful lighting that create a theatrical atmosphere.
What catches the eye the most upon entering Arrogante are the details and references that allude to the world of the circus and the fair theme of the giostraio. Undoubtedly, the undisputed star of the restaurant is the merry-go-round found at its center, which picks up the bar drawn by little horses that take on a life of their own. Forming a carousel, they hang from the ceiling to the rhythm of the music, going up and down like in a fair.